City Bus Driver

As a bus driver for the city life is good. I get to meet many different people every day and have even made some close friends because of it. I encourage people to connect with one another even if you do not know them. There was one day as a bus driver that I will never forget. When I tell you this story, please do your best to understand and not laugh or poke fun. If it makes you feel better, the story does end happily. 

One day on as I was driving my normal route, I came to a stop to pick up some people. They filled in one by one, each paying as they pass me or swiping their bus card. The last man to get on took a while before he stepped on, and he paid as well. He went to sit down, and I began driving. As I was about to stop at the next stop, I heard a scream of sheer terror come from the back of the bus. The last man who had gotten on was waving around a gun, saying everyone is after him and he was not afraid to shoot. I did not know what was best to do in this situation, but I knew I could not let more people on the bus and put them in danger, so I stopped a block early. 

As I came to a stop, the man started running to the front of the bus. About halfway, he stopped and turned to face the back of the bus, his back to me. I made a decision, and I got up and as quietly and quickly got to him and tackled him. I did my best to wrestle the gun away from him, but he was able to get a few hits on me in my stomach area. I was bleeding, but I knew it was better me than all of the passengers. Someone yelled out they called the cops, and they would arrive in one minute. I told them to go and open the front door, so they could enter, and you all leave. When the cops showed up, they took the man and got me to the ambulance. They rushed me to the emergency room. When we got there, the doctor immediately got a scan, and they determined that I would need a colostomy as soon as possible. I accepted and got the procedure. 

After a few days in the hospital of recovery, I was able to get right back to my job. I was able to find out the man had schizophrenia. I went and visited him in the help center he was at. I learned more and more about him, and we slowly became friends. Even though he was the catalyst of my ostomy needs, I do not resent him. I understand that it was not really under his control but more so his fears he was having. 

I’m glad to have befriended the man. I’m sure he needed a friend to look out for him, and I’m glad to be that for him. My job is no different than it was now that I have an ostomy, and I’m glad for that. The plus side is that I don’t have to stop for the bathroom anymore.