Amazon worker

I work at an Amazon fulfillment center as a packer. On top of that, I have an ostomy bag that I was born needing. My job is not that hard although it does take a beating on my back from the excess stanging for ten hours a day. Having an ostomy in this job is not that bad in reality. I do have restricted movement, so I have to take a few extra movements in order to complete my job properly. 

When I was born I was born with what is called an imperforate anus. This can either mean someone who is affected with this was born without an anal cavity, or it is not in the proper location. I was born with it in the wrong location. To correct this I underwent surgery as a baby. The first closed the hole and then made a new way for me to excrete my waste. That being a colostomy. They took the end of my colon and brought it to the front of my body. Then an opening was created in my lower right abdomen where the end of the colon could poke through. This opening, as I learned, is called a stoma. The stoma is where my stools come out and are collected in a pouch I wear over the stoma. As I grew up I made sure to learn about it from my parents. I can not imagine the horror they were going through when they were told that their newborn would need such a procedure. 

Growing up with an ostomy was not that challenging, I did face some bullying in school due to it but I never paid them any attention. I got my first job when i was a sophomore in high school as a pizza maker at a family friend’s business. It was a fun job, i made some friends but did not tell them about my ostomy. I was there for about a year and a half before I found my new job, where I am at now as an Amazon packer. 

I enjoy my job here at the Amazon fulfillment center. It is pretty easy, all things considered. My job consists of packing boxes. I know it does not sound exciting, and let me tell you, it is not, but it is easy on my stoma and ostomy bag, so I can not complain. We are not allowed to listen to music or bring our phones back to the work area. It stinks, but I also understand. With over five thousand people in a building, it can be hard to trust people not to copy someone’s information. The movements I have to do are not crazy, so that is good for me due to my ostomy bag restricting some of my movements, like leaning to my left. 

Life as an Amazon packer is pretty easy when all things are brought into consideration. Sure there are some things that are harder than others, but I am not one to give up quickly, so I like to push myself. I hope to either move up in the industry, or I may ask to move elsewhere in a bit. Packing boxes are getting old. The good thing is that there are many different possibilities of jobs that can be done here at Amazon.